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Synergy Scientifics recognizes that bringing scientific ideas from hypotheses to dissemination is a collaborative process. We are committed to working with each of my clients to collaborate synergistically so that outcomes are greater than the sum of their parts, leaving no stone unturned in meeting your needs. As each project is so unique, quotes for individual projects can be created after we work together to develop a scope for the service. For projects with previous and ongoing clients, I have worked hourly, on both weekly and monthly retainers, and for a fixed price. Book a call or meeting with us today so that we can map your path to success.

Examples of previous projects:

  • It is our my experience that developmentally editing scientific papers takes approximately 3 hours per 1,000 words. Thus, at an hourly rate of $150, the price for a developmental edit of a 5,000-word paper would be $2,250. Services such as analyses, journal selection, and figure development could be bundled for a discount.

  • We recently created a technical manual to document the proprietary cell science protocol for the production of phytocannabinoids using large-scale cell culture. The fixed price for this project, which included two paid trips to the laboratory, was $20,000. The scope of the project was expanded once over the course of the project to include the second visit to the laboratory.

  • A recent client and prominent scientific author paid us hourly for 20-40 hours per week to take over her research program and write scientific manuscripts because her demanding teaching and engagement calendar did not allow her the time to accomplish these goals. We worked together for seven months while we performed analyses and research, wrote three manuscripts, completely overhauled one manuscript for resubmission, edited three manuscripts, and developed numerous figures for current and future papers. 

  • Another client—a prominent computer scientist and mathematician—hired us on a part-time weekly retainer for $2,000 per week to perform genetic and phylogenetic analyses and of the SARS-CoV-2 genome, as well as the evolution of viruses in the context of the current pandemic.

  • Grant writing and figure development can be quoted on an hourly basis or for a fixed price depending on the scope of the project.

Reach out to us today so we can synergistically co-navigate your way to scientific success! 

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