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Jennifer Head, Ph.D.


Dr. Head is the founder and president of Synergy Scientifics and has a deep passion for science, language, and technical writing. These passions have been synergistically combined into a successful career as a freelance science editor, technical writer, and analytical consultant. Dr. Head has more than 25 years of experience in the sciences and has edited and/or written > 750 scientific manuscripts and other technical documents, written by both native and non-native English speakers.

Over the course of her consulting career, Dr. Head has worked for private clients in both industry and academia, Cactus Communications, Enago, Science Journal Editors, and Nature Research Editing Services, where she served as both a developmental editor and quality assurance editor. In addition to her experience as a science editor and writer, I have a strong background in research, which was mainly focused on the molecular ecophysiology of marine organisms.

Dr. Head has been previously described by a client as being “in the top 1%” of her field and leaves no stone unturned in working to meet the needs of her clients.

Allison E. Curry, Ph.D., M.Ph.


Dr. Curry is a Senior Scientist & Director of Epidemiology at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's Center for Injury Research and Prevention, Associate Professor of Medicine at University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and President of The Datalyst Group. Dr. Curry's research focuses on the epidemiology and prevention of motor vehicle crashes in children and adolescents.



syn·er·gy / (n.) The cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their parts. 

Resources and Programs Used for Analyses
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Programs used for Figure Development
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