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Scientific Editing, Writing,
and Analytical

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Synergy Scientifics is a highly versatile scientific consulting firm that is dedicated to producing the highest quality work. We perform scientific editing, writing, research, statistical analyses, illustration services, and data visualization. We are in the top 1% of our field and leave no stone unturned in working to meet the needs of our clients.


Services Offered

Scientific Editing

In editing scientific and technical documents, we can edit for language and format (i.e., word choice, grammar, tense, spelling, syntax, consistency, and adherence to guidelines) or perform developmental editing, which is a substantive and in-depth service that goes beyond basic language/copy editing to provide constructive and critical feedback on aspects such as overall focus, clarity, organization, the presentation of the main argument, logical flow, and potential shortcomings or inconsistencies.

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Technical Writing

As an editor and writer, we have edited and/or written manuscripts, grants, manuals, business plans, conference papers, book chapters, faculty applications, and presentations from a wide variety of fields (e.g., virology, soil sciences, bioenergetics modeling, agriculture, forestry, plant physiology and genomics, molecular biology, ecology, biochemistry, marine biology, environmental science, zoology, nanotechnology, medical imaging, public health, pharmacogenomics, cardiology, and diabetes and cancer research).

Copying Down

Do you require statistical or analytical assistance with your research? We provide a wide range of analytical services, from biostatistics to genetic analyses. We are proficient in in a variety of image manipulation programs for creating and improving figures, bioinformatics software programs for sequence data analysis, and programs for statistical analyses and data visualization

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Illustration Development

We have an eye for design and for visualizing data. We combine backgrounds in both art and science to create visually stunning figures using a variety of programs, depending on the nature of the figure and the data being conveyed. We use programs such as iTOL, Geneious Prime, BioRender, Canva, Excel, and Tableau to create graphs, plots, or figures in virtually any field. Lastly, we can use image manipulation software to edit, modify, or manipulate any image or figure to optimize the presentation of your information.

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Industry and Academic clients

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"Jennifer is absolutely phenomenal!...In addition to strong research and analytical skills, Jennifer is an excellent communicator. She works very well on a team, and leading a team (as she did for us). Her writing skills are superb. She has significant experience editing professional scientific papers for publication and she did a fantastic job completing our final research report...I can attest that she is, without a doubt, in the top 1% of her field in her ability to research, organize, write, and edit. She will quickly rise to the top. Therefore, I highly recommend her for a broad range of services including research, writing, and editing. I will definitely keep her on my short list of experts and will be hiring her again."

- Brian Winter; Evolution 2.0



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